Who doesn't like makeup? We LOVE it! To be a makeup artists for us - it's a real art! In order to create art you need good materials, so here are our favorite products:
Rose Gold Cheeks. Rose gold got popular in 2017, three years later it's still beloved by everyone. It's a color that shows no sign of slowing down. One of the trendiest ways to wear rose gold is on your cheeks. Our suggestion is to use makeup blender to apply it and you will shine as a gold!
Silver Inner Eyes. Metallic eye shadow is another makeup trend that's totally on point. Try to focus the color only on your inner corner, not all over the lids. It looks fabulous!
Lash Lifts. Lashes are always rocking and never will go out of style but there is a new trend: lash lifts. Lifted lashes can create the appearance of bigger, more awake eyes—what's not to love?
Contouring with Concealer. I know it's something new for you but just try it, you will be surprised with the result. It's a new trend to use concealer for contouring instead of bronzer and highlighter.
«lurred Lip. Another cool trend right now it's blurred lip. This undone, carefree lip technique is a good way to try red lipstick if you aren't yet a pro at lipstick application or simply want to take the intensity of the bold lip color down a notch.
Beautiful Cheeks,Eyes and Lips
Amazing Eyeliner
Eyeshadow and mascara are great help if your goal is to draw attention and open up your eyes
Removing Makeup At Night
We achieve perfection of our look by using so many different products
Red Lipstick
Red lipstick is a color that has passed through centuries carrying that representation of beauty
Makeup Trends
Sorry to all of the people out there, who loves no-makeup makeup and sheer washes
Makeup we love
If you're anything like us, then you're likely love updates about new trends!
Beautiful Cheeks,Eyes and Lips
Who doesn't like makeup? We LOVE it! To be a makeup artists for us - it's a real art!
Cream Blush
Do you still use blush powder ? Stop it and get yourself one of the cream blush which is perfect
Staying shine-free!
We all spend a lot of time to apply makeup to our faces and look gorgeous
More makeup hacks
Bobby Pins = Perfect Eyelashes Application
It's not that easy to apply eyelash
We love to make any looks come true but one of the favorites is Dramatic Look!
Autumn Trends
Autumn makeup trends 2019 As promised, we are going to share the hottest trends for this season.
Color your cheeks!
Makeup in the style of ""Baby Doll" is not only pastel colors.
Blush Your Life
What does red lipstick say to you?
It's vampish, powerful and aspirational
Red Lipstick Power
We have always known hair pins as an accessory to hold our hair in place but today
Hair Pins
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