Brow Style

Have we not all heard the saying that eyebrows are the most important feature on a face? Oh yes we have!! So what is your perfect arch? We have observed three major brow trends at the moment and here we will tell you all about it and how to achieve them: 1) Natural brow: For a natural ‘fresh brow’ look, it’s best to just brush them out and up slightly using a eyebrow brush -one that imitates a mascara wand. Defining with powder or pencil is definitely not necessary for this look. 2) The defined brow: Great for people who have sparse or fine brows. Use an angled eyebrow brush to first apply shadow to the brows. From the bottom of the thickest part of the brow, blend outwards to give a slight sharpened effect at the ends, filling in all visible gaps. Remember, to ensure sharpness of this style, It’s always a good idea to use a shade lighter than your brow hair as it looks more natural and a little less fake. Tip – Cold brown with no red undertone is best when using browny tones, Shape and set in place with clear brow gel for your perfect brows. 3) Graphic brows: For a much more edgy and vibrant look say yes to Graphic brows. The graphic brows are more popular in fashion magazines, catwalk shows and on dancers shining on stage in Ibiza’s super clubs. What you need to now know is that it is also now making its way to everyday women. For a bold look or chic style statement keep the rest of the make up minimal but only a daring confident one can rock this look. Using an angled liner brush, outline the edges of the brow to create a sharp, graphic edge, then paint on the product to fill in. You can add a slick of vaseline for a complete catwalk look for a nice finish of the graphic brow.




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