Faux Freckles (the right way)

To create the best faux freckles the first thing you need to learn is how to make your base look as natural as possible. We want you to look your best so we will leave you a smart tip: To achieve flawless freckles, allow natural markings like moles, beauty spots or freckles to come through, as this allows foundation coverage to look much more natural.

Tell Me More:
Want to know how to remove coverage on these markings without removing coverage altogether? Well, here we will give you two options. Use a cotton tip with a little bit of water and gently spot remove areas of coverage from moles, beauty spots or freckles, then go back over the area with a blending sponge to soften. You can also use a Liquid Eyeliner in Brown to enhance existing markings, or create entirely new ones like freckles.

The Technique:
The purpose of this technique is to enhance your natural markings and or play with the effects faux markings can create. The key with using a product to add faux freckles is to be ultra light-handed, and to start small. With a very light hand, using delicate motions, dot a few freckles across your nose, using the natural oils on youry fingertips to smudge each spot into your skin for a natural-looking finish.
Also keep in mind that markings have different shapes and sizes and if you would like the most natural possible looking freckles you should experiment with different sizes and colours- we do however suggest that you rather create your faux freckles with a brown liner instead of a black one.




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