Let your skin to breath!

Let your skin to breath! It’s very important to take care of your skin so don’t forget to use a gentle face cleanser, a moisturizer and sunscreen, preferably with an SPF 30 or more. Try to purchase only a good quality products. Rather than storing all of the old cosmetics, get the new one and replace as needed. Read the labels! Less is often more when it comes to ingredients. Loose powder usually has fewer ingredients than liquid foundation and it is less likely to irritate your skin. Keep skin, hands and applicators clean all the time. Warning! Don’t do the commom mistake and don’t dip your fingers into containers: pour or scoop out the product with something disposable. Always take makeup off before you go to bed so it doesn’t clog pores and oil glands or lead to inflammation. Xoxo, your WOW GIRL Team!




We love to make any looks come true but one of the favorites is Dramatic Look! Our makeup artists are the best at it. We work a lot with photographers...

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Autumn makeup trends 2019 As promised, we are going to share the hottest trends for this season. 1. Neon makeup. With the onset of autumn, bright colors do not leave...

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THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF MASCARA WANDS EXPLAINED! 1. The classic straight mascara wand is probably a favorite of every mascara-loving woman! This style of wand (especially if it has thick...

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Color your cheeks! Makeup in the style of “”Baby Doll”” is not only pastel colors. Bright blush will give your face a more fresh and youthful look. ⠀ We chose...

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