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Bobby Pins = Perfect Eyelashes Application
It’s not that easy to apply eyelash glue, and if you are one of us and always make mess with fake lashes, here is a trick for you. Use the tip of a clean bobby pin to carefully apply a few dots of glue to the lash band and disperse it evenly. Wait a few seconds or until the glue is tacky and then apply the lashes on.
Tissue and Powder = Nice Lip Color
If your lipstick doesn’t stay for many hours on, just swipe on your shade, lay a tissue over your mouth, then dust translucent powder over the top to set the color from bulging or bleeding. It might seem “extra”, but the result is worth it! The translucent powder alone could alter your lip shade, but using the tissue as a shield will protect it from lightening or dulling.
Petroleum Jelly = Your Own Lip Color
Not always you can find the lipstick you want but there so many eyeshadows out there. Here is what you can do: mix the loose pigments with a little bit of petroleum jelly in a spoon and just swipe it onto your lips. Boom! The color you always desire!




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