Things people with great skin do everyday

Are there secrets to having a fabulously glowing complexion, or do people with perfect skin just have the luck of genetics on their side? While the genes you inherited from your parents naturally make up a chapter of your skin’s story, they certainly don’t tell the whole tale. So what do people with great skin do every day? What lifestyle habits can you adopt now to achieve the luminous skin of your dreams? Fortunately, it may not be as challenging as you think. In fact, you are likely regularly doing some of these things already. The important thing is not having a beautiul skin BUT how you maintain taht skin. Just like any other piece of beautiful thing, the skin wil wear and tear without proper caring.

Wash off that makeup
Of course it is oh-so-tempting to hit the sheets as soon as you get home from a long evening out on the town, afterall you are tired so why not? Here’s why not, makeup left overnight on your skin, particularly heavy oil-based foundations and primers, causes clogged pores which can easily lead to acne. If the risk of unsightly acne isn’t enough to convince you, would the risk of premature wrinkles do the trick? Taking that extra few minutes to clean off your makeup is imperative for beautiful skin. Free radicals from the environment (often in the form of pollution) remain on the skin when you do not clean your face properly at night. Free radicals cause collagen breakdown over time, which results in the development of fine lines and prematurely aged skin. Eye makeup, when left on overnight, can lead to clogged hair follicles that harbor the bacteria that cause styes or other eye infections.

Use the right products
Utilizing skin care products for great skin is not about spending a fortune or piling on a ton of product at once. The key lies in knowing what your skin needs and buying the appropriate products to get the job done. If you aren’t sure how to determine your skin type, a visit to a dermatologist or aesthetician would be a smart move. Understand your skin, know your skin type and know what’s good for it.




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