What is your skin undertone?

How well do you know your skin? What even is your skin undertone? Let me be the first to tell you that it is actually very different from your skin tone.Your skin tone is what glows at you when you look in the mirror –light, medium, dark or somewhere in between–and people often times know exactly where they fall on a spectrum. Your undertone is the underlying color that your skin tone shadows as said by by make up artist Tanya Deemer, Temptu global educator. Your skin tone changes based on the amount of direct sunlight that comes in contact with it, which why there are so many Summer and Winter foundations in place. What is interesting though is that your undertone stays the same no matter which day or season. As mentioned above, being knowledgeable about your skin and undertone makes a huge difference when choosing the correct foundation shade. Warm, cool and neutral are the three understones one could have. Get familiar with them below: Warm skin undertone: The underlying colors of your skin are yellow, peach and/or gold. Cool skin undertone: Under your skin, you’ve got traces of red and blue. Neutral skin undertone: A mixture of both warm and cool tones. Having cool undertones means that you will look for foundations with cool tones, same goes for warm and neutral. You can tell from the packaging of the foundation by observing the letters C – Cool, W – Warm and N – Neutral along with the shade numbers. CROSS YOUR EYES This is a bit weird but stay with me. Whenever next you go to a store, pick three different foundations that matches your skin tone but have different undertones. Using your cheek as tester of each, look in the mirror and cross your eyes. Your vision will blur and BOOOOM ! The one that fits you best will blend right in with your skin tone leaving the others to stand out. Smart right? CHECK OUT YOUR VEINS Look at your wrists. The color of your veins can tell you what undertone you are. If your veins are blue or purple, you are a cool skin undertone. Green, you are warm undertone and a mix of the two says you are neutral undertone. GRAB A WHITE DRESS Get your favorite white dress from your closet that you’ve worn all summer. From a window, expose the dress to natural light and match it with your face. If your skin looks a bit rosy, you’re cool-tones. If your face looks more yellow then you are warm tone. No change in your face means that you are neutral.




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